Face to Face Counselling

It is often said that choosing to seek help and support through counselling is the hardest step. I agree, and would say it is the bravest decision, often made at the most difficult of times.

Whether you are feeling overwhelmed or whether there is something from the past that is troubling you my experience has shown that the benefits of talking and being heard by someone with great empathy are significant.

Through talking we are often able to uncover issues that sometimes you aren’t consciously aware of and it proves helpful in being able to see things more clearly.

Counselling can be a powerful way to regain your sense of self, and recognise your own self-worth.

“Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.”

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How do I know if I need counselling?

I offer a free 30-minute introductory consultation. During this I will explain a little more about the counselling I offer and provide an opportunity for you to share what brings you to counselling. We can then discuss if you would like to go ahead with our sessions. It is really important to me that you feel comfortable.

What happens in Individual Counselling?

I will be guided by you and understand that the first sessions in particular may feel difficult. We will go at a pace that you are comfortable with and I will always provide an opportunity to talk through how things are going and if you are happy with the sessions.

How many sessions will I need?

This will be based on what you bring to therapy and the difficulties you are facing. There is no one size fits all. Your therapy is unique to you and we will regularly review progress.

A counselling session usually lasts for 50 minutes, and is generally on the same day, at the same time on a weekly basis. Regular attendance is crucial to the counselling process. I can provide short or long-term therapy dependent on your situation and issue.

Is what I say confidential?

Confidentiality is the cornerstone of counselling and a vital part of our therapy agreement. We will discuss this during our first session. This provides the safety for you to be able to speak freely and is necessary to build trust. There may be times, if I am concerned about your welfare, where I may need to share information with other professionals. Prior to doing so I would always endeavour to discuss with you.

As part of my commitment to being a counsellor, my practice involves working with a clinical supervisor. Any clients discussed during supervision will remain confidential.

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Remote Counselling

Face to face counselling was previously the go-to option for the majority of counsellors. However, in order to adapt and respond to the changes I have developed my practice to be able to support clients online.

Remote counselling takes place over Zoom, which is free to use software available on computers, tablets and mobile phones. The sessions will be very similar to a face to face session, and offer the same benefits.

You can arrange a remote session from anywhere you feel comfortable and have internet access. Each session can be accessed via a link on email.

Counselling for Young People

I offer support to young people through this transitional, and often challenging, period in their lives.

I have experience of working with teenagers and young adults and currently work in a high school with students aged between 13 – 16.

Counselling offers young people an opportunity to talk through issues and challenges without judgement and can help to provide some coping strategies to help manage some pressures that they face.

I have worked with young people experiencing a range of difficulties including anxiety, depression, relationship and friendship issues, abuse, self-harm, self-esteem issues, parental separation and behavioural issues.

Frequently Asked Questions